Process Brief

The policy initiative from basin-South Asia:

The Indian members and partners of the basin-South Asia platform initiated the policy process in 2006.The first step towards the policy initiative was the documentation of the fundamental tenets of the proposed policy complied in the book “Framework for a Rural Habitat Policy for India: Responding to Needs of the Poor.’

A step further was the development of the first draft of the National Rural Housing and Habitat Policy. The draft has been translated in six other languages- Hindi, Tamil Malyalam, Marathi, Gujarati and Kannada.

The process of policy development was taken across the country for consultation. Twelve consultations covering 17 states, one Union Territory, 50 villages and 10 districts have been conducted. Workshops were organised across the country for receiving inputs from each consultation attended by civil society organizations, working at the grass roots with village communities, district and state level banking institutions, local governments, and academic institutions.

The second version of the draft is being prepared. Inputs collected on the 1st draft are being incorporated into it and finally would be handed over to the Ministry Of Rural Development, Government of India.

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