The Consultative processes

The Consultative processes

In response to the urgent need for a distinct rural habitat policy for the nation, the platform catalyzed the development of a National Rural Housing and Habitat Policy-the first one of its kind in India. A working draft of the policy was developed.

During the process, the platform has had continuous interactions with policy makers, and stakeholders. 12 consultations covering 17 states, one union territory, 50 villages and ten districts have been conducted so far. To ensure that the interests of special areas and groups are taken care of three sectoral consultations on habitat finance, post-disaster rehabilitation and universal access were conducted. These consultations were attended by people representing grass roots, district and state level banking institutions, local governments and academic institutions.

The objective of the consultations has been to receive inputs on various components and clauses of the working draft proposal ‘National Rural Housing and Habitat Policy.’ The inputs received from these consultations have been compiled in the form of discussion summaries. To know about the discussions, download relevant documents.

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